REVIEW: Walther Terrus Spring Airgun

Walther Terrus Air Rifle - Power and Accuracy - This is a first look at the brand new Walther Terrus. This is a little power house of an air rifle from Walther of Germany, and yes it has a bigger brother the LGV, or the new LGU, but don't forget the, bigger is not always better.



REVIEW: Walther LGV Spring Air Rifle

REVIEW: Walther LGV Air Rifle - Power Accuracy Performance

In this episode Giles gets to test the cracking Walther LGV spring powered air gun. Using the latest internal technology this amazing bang stick can produce PCP size groups at 20 meters, providing you use the right pellet. At 30 meters the groups are still well within the kill zone and at 50 meters, yes 50 meters, you can still knock targets over with ease.

This is a true all round air gun, which needs no bottle or pump, in fact it sets the tuned out of the box standard for all premium air rifles to follow.

REVIEW: Walther Century Break Barrel Air Rilfe

REVIEW: Walther Century GT Air Rifle - Crazy Accurate Spring Airgun

This is the bonkers accurate Walther Century GT air rifle combo package. Powered by a 30mm piston and a spring this rifle can hold its own at 25m and 50yards. Capable of pellet on pellet groups, over and over again. In fact I think I got 2 pellets through the same hole, exactly at one point. The build quality is very very high, and the blueing on the gun is mirror finished. If your thinking of buying a high end Chinese rifle, DONT buy this instead, well worth the few extra pennies.

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