REVIEW: Walther Century Air Rifle - Incredible Break Barrel Airgun

REVIEW: Walther Century GT Air Rifle - Crazy Accurate Spring Airgun

This is the bonkers accurate Walther Century GT air rifle combo package. Powered by a 30mm piston and a spring this rifle can hold its own at 25m and 50yards. Capable of pellet on pellet groups, over and over again. In fact I think I got 2 pellets through the same hole, exactly at one point. The build quality is very very high, and the blueing on the gun is mirror finished. If your thinking of buying a high end Chinese rifle, DONT buy this instead, well worth the few extra pennies.

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REVIEW: Walther Rotex Rotek RM8 R8 - 8 Shot Air Rifle - Review

REVIEW: Walther Rotex R8 - Compact Hunting Airgun - This is the latest rifle from Walther Guns in Germany. A famous brand name through out the world, so when it launches a new PCP air gun, we have to take a look.

The rifle packs an impressive punch, and is an 8 shot pest smasher.

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LIGHTS OUT - Walther Rotex RM8 Air Rifle - Accuracy 26+50 Yards .22

Walther Rotex R8 - 26+50 Yards .22 - As requested by subscribers that I re test the Walther Rptex R8 at 26 yards and 50 here it is....and it make the rifle look even better. Enjoy.


REVIEW: Walther Terrus Air Rifle - Power and Accuracy .177

Walther Terrus Air Rifle - Power and Accuracy - This is a first look at the brand new Walther Terrus. This is a little power house of an air rifle from Walther of Germany, and yes it has a bigger brother the LGV, or the new LGU, but don't forget the, bigger is not always better.





Carly Rae Jepsen - Music Parody filmed on location Inc Airgun Tubers

This is a video of my trip to the Extreme Benchrest 2016 competition. I travelled as part of Team Daystate, and while I am clearly not the best shot in the world, the event is for all comers and shooters, and you don't need to win to just have a pure fun weekend with all the worlds most famous names and faces in the Airgun World.



NEW: Airguns + Gadgets - British Shooting Show 2017

I spent the 11th and 12th Feb 2017 at the British Shooting Show at Stoneleigh, in the UK. What a superb weekend. Most of my time was taken with talking, but I did manage to get a walk round and here are some things that caught my eye.


If I missed anything, let me know I will catch you later in the year.


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