REVIEW: Umarex Colt Magnum .357 Replica Co2 BB Pistol

This is a whole lump of gun in your hand, all metal ( except for the grip covers ) this gives a realistic feel to the BB shooting experience. 6 shots form the dummy cartridges just ads to the realism of this pistol.


Made by Umarex and I got mine from Armex in the UK..

REVIEW: Umarex Tornado / Brodax Co2 Replica BB Pistol

This is a full test of the Tornado pistol from Umarex of Germany. This is a 10 shot pistol which fires BB's from the removable magazine.


Made by Umarex and I got mine from Armex in the UK.

2 GUN MAN - Umarex Colt Python .357 CO2 BB Air Gun - Double Gun

Umarex Colt Python .357 CO2 BB Air Gun - Double Gun - This is a review of the New Umarex Colt Python .357 CO2 powered metal BB air gun. In this episode I get to go double gun with a pair of pythons, and had a blast.



REVIEW: Umarex Race Gun Elite Force 6mm CO2 - Air Soft

Giles gets to try the Umarex Elite Force Race Gun.


This Race Gun Is -

CO2 Powered 12 Gram Capsule

6mm Plastic BB

Semi Auto

Blow Back Action

Metal Gun

16 Rounds

Rear Sight Adjustable

REVIEW: Umarex Beretta 90two Pistol CO2 BB Gun

Beretta 90 Two Pistol by Umarex is a whole bag of fun. With its semi auto function and wild good looks this is an ideal introduction to the world of replica firearms and handguns. Firing BB's as fast as you can pull the trigger is so much fun, make sure your you buy enough CO2 canisters before you leave the shop, this will just keep you going into the wee small dark hours, send you home with a smile on your face.


REVIEW: H&K MP5 PDW 4.5mm BB Replica Air Gun - Umarex

Umarex H&K MP5 CO2 Machine Pistol, what a blast this extreme air gun is. Looking and feeling like the real thing, we shoot some paper targets at the farm, and were sorry we had to hand it back.


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