The Airgun Gear Show is hosted by Giles Barry.

Giles brought the show to life some 5 years ago, being a keen airgun shooter and video enthusiast he joined the two hobby's together and made videos for You Tube. The show has grown to be one of the most popular shows in the world of Airgun's.

Giles also has his own You Tube channel, link below.


Giles is managed by Silicone Productions Ltd.

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BEST EVER - Hide and Seek - Kids Vs Drones

Mendip Raceway - Crash Chaos

Sofa Boat - Punta Cana - Dreams Palm Beach - Phantom 4 Drone

VACATION REALITY - Dreams Palm Beach - Punta Cana

Cornwall Red Squirrels - How To Help

AREA 51 - UFO Highway, Groom Lake Hidden Entrance 2017 (4K)

Giles, has his own channel.......

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