Review by Matt Dubber

Matt Dubber of Air Arms Hunting SA gives an in-depth review of the new scope

which is sweeping the market the Aztec Emerald.

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NEW: Rifle Optics / MTC Mamba Lite / Pro 2 / 10x44 / Tactical / Scopes Galore

FEATURED the biggest airgun bullet + most accurate at long range airgun on the planet ( that I have ever shot ). Daystate's out to 200 yards and the Western Bushbuck .45 at 250 yards. The Bushbuck fires a single cast 400 grain bullet at over 800 feet per second. No longer are pellet guns in the high power market, just pellet guns. These are serious bits of kit that I feel are a credible alternative to the powder burner option.



Optisan EVX Scope VS MTC Viper Pro

Second Focal Plane Scopes

A full review of the brand new MTC Viper Pro and Optisan EVX 4x16x44i air rifle scope. These are 2 new sets of optics to hit eh airgun market and they both offer completely different styles, so its always good to compare. The scopes are priced at different points in the market, however both would be a superb addition to the top of your rifle.


Viper Pro, Mamba Pro, MTC Scope

NEW - MTC Mamba + Viper Airgun Scopes

This is the new range of scopes from MTC, with the some great new innovations included, such as geared turrets and a rear 2x magnifier these look a great addition to the MTC range.

Due out in Early April 2016.

NEW Airguns - IWA 2017 - Pellet Pusher Report

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