REVIEW: Hammerli Air Rifle 800

Airgun Gear Show - Hammerli 800 Black Force "Blackout" Air Rifle

This is a simply superb rifle from Armex in the UK, fettled from a Hammerli 800 Black Force, straight out of the box I can hit targets out to 50 yards with ease, and I feel it could go further.

A black tactical stock makes this an idea starter rifle, which is more than capable of being used for any small pest control job.

REVIEW: Hammerli 550 - Spring Air Gun- Air Rifle Combo Package

REVIEW: Hammerli 550 - Spring Air Gun- Air Rifle + Moderator Scope

Hammerli 550 blinged up to be an Armex Seeker. We get to test a rifle with added Walther scope, silencer/moderator and a shoulder bag.


Out to 15 Meters this is an ideal starter rifle for anyone, or a very happy plinker and target blaster.

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