FX Impact Pcp Air Rifle - UK Spec - Factory Tour

This is the first look at the UK specification model of the FX Impact.

Also see behind the scenes of the FX factory, see how things are made, see the factory floor....

The FX Impact will be sold with a Carbon Fibre bottle, a interchangeable caliber barrel, massive shot count of 720 per fill, 18 shot magazine and it all comes in a hard protective case.

This gun is a revelation, the simple bar bones aluminium design is like nothing else on the market, with all the ports, vent and regulator cut directly into the aluminium, truly an original design and gun.

REVIEW: FX Impact - Sub 12FT LBS - 720 Shots - .22

This is my long awaited review of the FX Impact in air rifle sub 12 Ft Lbs format. Due to the massive shot count it has taken a while to fully test this rifle, and I have now captured a full shot string of 720 shots on film. Thats 40 magazines in .22. With interchangeable barrels and power adjustment this is the enigma that is the FX Impact, everyone that shoots it loves it.

My comedy intro is for fun, its my humour.

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TORTURE TEST - FX Wildcat - 100 Yard Air Rifle Shooting

FX Wildcat Airgun .22 - 100 Yard Air Rifle Shooting

I have been working on this video for 3 months now, pellet after pellet, target after target. This is an astounding little Bullpup Rifle.

This sub 6llbs tactical pocket rocket is an awesome addition to any airgun and air rifle collection. Designed and built by FX Airguns in Sweden this is the now benchmark for anything Bullpup in the world of airgun shooting.

FX Streamline - Lightweight Hunting Multi Shot PCP

** Please note I have estimated the weight, this could alter slightly due to change in cylinder length and stock production, but it won't be out by much. Sorry I did not take my scales with me to the show. :)

Best Airgun Dance Video EVER - Watch In Desktop Mode


Carly Rae Jepsen - Music Parody filmed on location Inc Airgun Tubers

This is a video of my trip to the Extreme Benchrest 2016 competition. I travelled as part of Team Daystate, and while I am clearly not the best shot in the world, the event is for all comers and shooters, and you don't need to win to just have a pure fun weekend with all the worlds most famous names and faces in the Airgun World.

TEDS - Full FX Review

Over to you Teddy boy.


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