REVIEW: Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22 - Power + Accuracy - Pest Control Air Rifle

A full review of the latest airgun the Brocock Compatto. Multi shot air rifle which is ideal for target shooters and pest controllers alike. A semi Bullpup style gun, which offer power adjustment and a high quality Walther barrel.

Brocock was taken over by the Dianne Group in 2014 and this rifle has been 2 years in development, no more can you compare old Brocock with new Brocock in the same breath, this is all new right down to the magazine, and it's a cracker of an air gun.

REVIEW: Brocock Bantam PCP - Compatto Got Meat

Brocock have launched a beefed up version of the super light Compatto and its called the Bantam. Its not just a cosmetic change, the shot count has increased too, along with the choice of a beech or soft touch stock. The gun is powered in the UK version by the trusted Harper sling shot system. This video is the full test of the meaty version of the Compatto. Enjoy. Giles

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Carly Rae Jepsen - Music Parody filmed on location Inc Airgun Tubers

This is a video of my trip to the Extreme Benchrest 2016 competition. I travelled as part of Team Daystate, and while I am clearly not the best shot in the world, the event is for all comers and shooters, and you don't need to win to just have a pure fun weekend with all the worlds most famous names and faces in the Airgun World.

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