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Anti Shooters are having a field day scaring the gun channels that this is the end.

Paper media are loving the fact, its all about money just remember that, MONEY and who is getting the ad revenue.

Once advertisers see sales drop back to pre-video levels they will come running back.

A screen shot from the Mail Online

Sunday 2nd April 2017, shows an advert placed by Google for RAC, next to a story about a Terrorists son, an explosion hurting public in France and a road rage video in the USA.

Good advert placement RAC.

The days news from yesterday brings sadness, horror and a feeling of sickness to the stomach. Let’s be clear, the man who did this performed a totally evil attack, and while I am not a church goer ( any religion really ) I hope the arsehole is met at the pearly gates and sent to hell for all eternity.


The video’s online, well, what can you say.


The images of those helping others in that moment are, I actually have no words and those who are saying good bye or are parted from loved ones in an instant simply bring tears to my eyes.


Yes, I shoot airguns and centre fire guns, as a hobby at my local club.


However, I am going to upset some people now…..I don’t see why anyone needs to have an assault rifle at home. I know it’s in the American Constitution and it’s a right to bear arms for the people of the USA. But, that law was written when guns where in early development, pistols and single shot rifles, not when a converted AR15 firing at full auto / bump firing is chucking out rounds as fast as 30 in a few seconds at over 1700 feet. It’s an old law.


The NRA are a massive body of voters in the USA, if they tell members to not back a political party it can be disatorous for those in power for a very long time.


I am not an American, it’s not my business, law or lifestyle however just ban the assault rifle. Leave pistols, bolt action rifles for hunting and all the others……but no one needs an assault rifle at home.


I love my sport and it needs protecting, guns only kill people when they are used by a human who wants to kill. A lorry in the south of France killed more in less time. However for a single man to amass that amount of firearms and be completely unchecked in ludicrous. Don’t believe for one minute this guy is alone with his collection, many many collections exist and we should be able to have them, just not assault rifles.


As I say, I love my sport my hobby my passion, and it shames me to say it but gun collections don’t need AR15’s in them. At no point is a homeowner going to have to start fighting street to street and if they need home defense I am sure a pistol would do. For the club shooters, keep collecting, keep enjoying…..maybe have a club only assault rifle so people can still shoot one if needs be. But not at home not where if the owner has a bad day or life changing experience they can ruin the lives of many others in a few seconds.


In our home this have been a very quiet and sobering 24 hours. While eating our tea and watching the headline news at 6pm, I don’t know I can remember a time when we all simply stopped eating, and talking and watched and listened in silence to the BBC news. When the story was finished, no one said anything for at least the next 10 minutes, and then my little girl asked “Why Daddy”


Why indeed.


Giles – Oct 3rd 2017





So I have been away on holiday, for two weeks and spend an hour each day of that getting emails. Why? Well it seems You Tube is attempting to resolve the issue of advertisers not liking adverts being shown in front of terrorist or hatred videos… removing the adverts from all video channels…..while they recheck and correct the system to ensure all videos are not terrorist/hatred related and are not earning revenue from them.


If you did not know, all You Tubers earn money from the ad’s that run either before, during or over the videos. For gun channels its not that much, in fact its not a wage, not even enough to cover the food bill for my family for the month…..but it does cover fuel and some travel, that’s me, don’t quote that against the big 1 Million + subscribers in the USA.


Some channels are now using Patreon to cover the lost money, I have a Patreon account, only to register the name, to prevent anyone spoofing its me.


I have been asked, how do we donate to The Airgun Gear Show, and the answer is “Don’t”


Other channels around the world, and I am not talking only gun channels make videos for a living, that’s their job the only source of income. I have a full time day job which covers a lot of my costs and the small amount I make can not really be missed, I just need to cut back in other areas. So no, I don’t need to be funded, but am really humbled to be asked. Thank You. XX


My videos are made by me because I like No1 – Airguns and No2 – Video making. I have just had a 2 week holiday, and guess what, all my video equipment went with me, I filmed everything and will edit it and put it out on my own channel. One video I have already finished.

( Shown below here )



















That’s what I do, its what I love, its my hobby and passion and adverts not being run on my videos are not going to make me go away.


BUT and there is a BIG but, I think the adverts will restart, some already have. Give it a month or two and things will settle down and continue, maybe at a slightly lower payout than before, but it will recover.


SO MY MESSAGE TO ALL YOU TUBE CHANNELS IN THE WORLD IS “DON’T PANIC” Yes it;s going to hurt for a month or two, but it will be fine.

( I hope not to be proved wrong )


Oh, and no, videos are not going to stop……..but remember its my hobby, I do other things and sometimes it a video every week then nothing for a month.


Oh look another election…..who you gonna vote for?



18th April 2017



I have stopped what I am doing today, because I want to have my say. Firstly, I have had dinner with Joerg on two occasions, travelled with him, filmed him. He is not a terrorist adviser in anyway.


I have mentioned this before on my blog below, and its now coming round again.

The main stream media, paper publications and main broadcast news are trying to bring down You Tube and its up-loaders. WHY? – MONEY its that simple, what’s happening is if you get to be a big star on You Tube, and I mean 1 Million plus subs, you can demand a VERY high fee for product placements, look at Zoella and Alfie, it’s a business and they get paid for telling you about products like makeup. That money used to go to the newspapers and magazines, and now its not. Why, because You Tube works better, the engadgement is clear and it makes sales go up, because no one reads paper stuff anymore. If they did why are the newspapers all selling online more than the actual paper stuff.


Now any excuse is being used to find and destroy the trust with the advertisers, so they do not use You Tube.


When the next beheading, or “shocking” article appears on the Daily Mail FREE website, look around it, somewhere is an advert from a major retailer, just look, and it may be a guess but perhaps the advertising has been placed in conjunction with Google. The reason those headlines and gory stories appear on the online newspapers for everyone to see is the hope you will click the advert next to the article. Lets be clear, it makes a newspaper a lot of money when you click on the advert, and the stories drag you in, more viewers more clicks.


Now I agree, when a terrorist organisation post a video, yes block it, ban it, no you should not run adverts against it.


But all Joerg did was buy a vest online from Amazon and test what the advert said, and it was a pile of rubbish. So should we now attack the retailer for making it, attack Amazon for selling it……no, because they will waive away the newspaper article for what it is.


But the media is losing money, and they need to attack back.


I hold my head in sorrow for the actions of one man a week ago, it affects us all greatly when this happens, but now we need to remove a mans livelihood in Germany because if it. If you want a sarcastic comment, the man drove a car and killed people, should we now attack the car hire company and car manufacturer.


This is shocking form of journalism, its not journalism its an attempt to get views on a website and generate revenue.


Perhaps as a sign of sainthood in the world, which is what the Mail Online is trying to push, it should stop with sensational headlines, stop showing videos of people being shot or hurt, or if you must do that in the name of journalism stop running ads on the same page. After all it’s what your telling You Tube to do. There is no dividing line between the two cases.

Just to finish, no You Tuber has access or control over who or what adverts are placed, that’s down to Google.


Support You Tube, support our democratic world and most of all support each other, and stop the scare tactics of the media because this is what this is.


Mainstream Media Hates You Tube

You Tube and Goggle are in a spot of bother. It seems the large advertising houses are clamping down on the ways adverts are run against video’s. Now what the issue is is easy to understand. If a terror group, or a lunatic uploads a video and You Tube runs adverts before, during, after or anywhere around the video it seems the advertisers are upset. They have every right to be.

However it seems the mainstream media is starting to say “inappropriate content” and that’s a very very broad spectrum. Now don’t worry, I am not panicing, but if you do upload anything that You Tube deems a bit “cough cough” controversial could it, and your channel now be de-monetised.

Monetised means the video up-loader earns money from the adverts. This for me is my source of income from my You Tube video’s, it funds the hobby, pays the travel. Just like all the other You Tube channels I get my portion of the pie…..and can always do with more. Remember whatever video you watch online if you see an ad or a banner during the video, the maker is earning money from you being there.

I don’t upload inappropriate content, however it is now becoming very clear that the main stream media are now very worried about the rise of You Tube video makers and other internet broadcasters.

Remember, unless you watch only BBC, when you watch a programme it has been made so that every 15 mins you watch 3 mins of adverts, that’s it, the better the audience, thus higher quality content the more the TV channel can charge for the advert space. This works the same online, however more and more people are watching online content, sometimes more so than regular TV. This has the mainstream TV channels terrified, the money is going elsewhere, and the only way for them to survive is attack. That is what they are doing, find an issue, blow it out of all sense and make an issue about it.

Yes I agree, terror groups and vile videos of death and injury, remove the adverts and shut them down. But the main stream media needs to stop attacking the younger generation for making a living out of what they film and produce. Seems like the old boy club is rattled.

When you look at a site like the Daily Mail or the Sun Online, notice the head lines, “Graphic Content” or “Horrific Accident”, then notice the ads running down the side, surely those should now be withdrawn too, as they are inappropriate content.


Yes You Tube is growing, yes online content creators are growing and it’s a good thing. No longer do we have to listen to a one sided view of the world from a selection of news media channels. The truth can be found, and I am sorry to say I no longer find the truth in the mainstream media.



20th March 2017


Social Media is not a libel free area.


The article below pleases me greatly. While I am a massive fan clearly of social media, it also has its downfalls, which I accept. Stick your head above the parapet someone will shoot at it. However the High Court has ruled that if you post an untrue on social media, and I am talking about a defamatory comment about a particular person or business and its public then that is no longer a walk off free situation. As a You Tuber every day I block comments of the rudest nature about me, companies, and retailers. Most of which I can tell you are actually a pile of rubbish. So what I am saying is "horrahhh" .

Be nice everyone, its an ever growing small world, and our sport is always under pressure.

Giles 10/03/2017




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