REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Ultimate Sporter Air Rifle

Air Arms 510 Ultimate Sporter - one of the most talked about rifles of 2014, with the massive claim to be "Ultimate". Giles takes a look at this beauty of an air gun and works out a test of ultimate air gun worthiness.

REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Air Rifle Carbine Super Lite Hunting Airgun

REVIEW: Air Arms S510 Air Rifle Carbine Super Lite Hunting Air Gun

This has to be one of the best hunting air rifle's around at the moment, it's light, accurate and a 10 shot. What else do you need from your air gun.


REVIEW: Air Arms S410 Take Down Rifle - Gun In A Case

Airgun Gear Show reviews S410 TDR the best TDR around It's a PCP which packs a punch to any rat, rabbit or pigeon that it comes into contact with. With it's reliable 10 shot magazine and go-anywhere carry case this air rifle is a must any shooter or hunter with that tricky permission.


Giles also builds the Airgun and hits an exploding target in 47 seconds, and if that's not enough he takes the S410 TDR out for a sausage roll at lunch time.

REVIEW: Air Arms S400 MPR FT Air Rifle

REVIEW: Air Arms S510 TC Twin Tube Bazooka

Double tubed hunting air gun. Review of the amazing new multi-shot PCP sidelever that comes with not one, but two air tanks attached for a higher shot count.


Air Arms S400 MPR FT Air Rifle Target and Single Shot Airgun - Air Arms S400 MPR FT is an amazingly accurate air rifle from a British company.

Fully adjustable stock and blade trigger make this a trophy rifle for any enthusiast.

218 YARD AIR RIFLE SHOT - Exploding Air Gun Sniper Shot

REVIEW: Air Arms Pro Sport Air Rifle - Elite Hunting Air Gun

Air Arms Pro Sport .177 is an ideal hunting and target air rifle. It will dispatch any of the typical pests, Rabbit, Pigeon or Rat, and then let you hit a bullseye on the range second later. If your looking for one of the best air guns today, then don't count this one out.


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